RIFT Reveals The New Three Springs Dimension

| 28 Jun 2013 22:46
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Kick back at the Three Springs.

There's a lot of things to do in RIFT now that the fantasy MMO from Trion Worlds has gone free-to-play. After you've finished leveling, helping out the Silverwood and Freemarch zones, fighting new raid bosses, and exploring the secrets of Greenscale's Crater, it might be time to lay your head and weapons down in one of RIFT's housing Dimensions. In a new update, Trion will release the Three Springs Dimension, a coastal village built in the shadow of the Dwarven delve of Hammerknell.

Dimensions in RIFT are basically areas where players and guilds can build houses. With Dimension items and a bit of creativity, players can customize their Dimensions in an infinite amount of ways. With the new update, players will now be able to build a house on the coast in the Three Springs Dimension.

If you can't wait to see Three Springs for yourself, Trion is holding a contest where winners will earn early access to the Dimension. To win, players have to earn the top spot on their shard's top-weekly-rated Dimension list. Meaning, if you want to get to the new Dimension sooner rather than later, you better be able to prove how awesome you are at building them up.

In addition to the Three Springs Dimension, Trion is also adding some new Three Springs-themed Dimension items to the RIFT Store. These include new types of building blocks and other special decorations.

If you're a true housing fanatic, then don't wait to start building your Dimension now if you want a chance at the early access prize. For those willing to wait, the Dimension will be available for everyone later this summer.

Source: Trion Worlds

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