Star Wars: The Old Republic Begins to Sell Ewok Companions In Update 2.3

| 1 Jul 2013 14:56
SWTOR Ewok Treek

I'm only interested in a SWTOR Ewok if they can steal mounts.

Star Wars: The Old Republic patch 2.3 adds a creature fans love to hate in the Star Wars universe (or hate to love), Ewoks. While it is just a single Ewok companion, all players can unlock him after reaching legacy level 40 and paying 1 million credits at the Cartel Bazaar. A Cartel Coin option isn't available for the Ewok quite yet but according to Bioware, it will be soon. The Ewok companion, Treek, is a heavy armor user who can either tank or heal.

Patch 2.3, available now on the Public Test Server, also adds a new daily quest hub called CZ-198 and two new endgame flashpoints that center on the Czerka corporation: Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown. These new zones, along with some re-coloring of a few old ones, are just the beginning of the features outlined for patch 2.3. Further updates to the Public Test Server will no doubt include the highly anticipated Bounty Brokers Association and its Bounty Contract Week.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the latest in Bioware's Star Wars games. In November of 2012, SWTOR went free-to-play after failing to meet the numbers that EA expected to achieve in subscriptions. This game takes place in the distant past in the Long Ago, Far Away Galaxy. It features the events that lead to the second Sith War and allows players to take part in the political arena that this new conflict has created.

SWTOR features a robust companion system that allows players to assist their companions as tanks or have their companions assist them as healers or damage dealers (DPS). Each of the companions have unique storylines including a few romance options. There are a number of companions for each job type with an additional specialization route for each of them to take through stances (for example, tank stance or healer stance). A list of companions can be found over on Swtor-spy.

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Star Wars The Old Republic

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