Defiance Introduce The Warlike Volge Race With New Pursits And Emergencies

| 1 Jul 2013 21:24
defiance volge

The Volge have made their way to the Bay Area.

Trion Worlds have introduced the warlike Volge race to their MMO shooter, Defiance. The Volge first appeared in Defiance's pilot episode on SyFy Network and have built-in weaponry on their armor. They've recently made an appearance in-game, and to help get players get more acquainted with the deadly beasts, Trion have released a new Pursit and Emergencies focused around the Volge.

"What players can experience with the new Volge missions is just the tip of the iceberg for whats coming to Defiance," said Rob Hill, Senior Producer of Defiance.

The Pursuit, titled Volge Examination, tasks players with killing different types of Volge and completing five Volge-related Emergencies. The Emergencies all revolve around the Volge as well, having players do things like assist soldiers in defending their camps against the monsters and helping a checkpoint that's been overrun.

For completing the Emergencies and Pursuit as a whole, players will be rewarded with special Volge-themed items, including an intel video that will enlighten them on what the Volge are and how they arrived in the Bay Area.

The Volge are out terrorizing everyone in Defiance now, so be sure to head out soon in order to take care of this evil menace.

Source: Defiance Dev Blog


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