WildStar Developer Invites First Add-on Creator to Visit Carbine Studios

| 4 Jul 2013 01:18
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Create a friend list add-on for Wildstar and become Carbine Studios' friend.

In the latest developer update from Carbine, Jon "Bitwise" Wiseman, Lead Client Engineer of WildStar, outlines his great love for user interfaces. He even reveals that Carbine Studios invited one of the first add-on creators, PacketDancer, to visit the studio after she created her very first add-on, "YoGuRT" or "Your Group Tool." This add-on created a friend list for the game. Since then, PacketDancer has created a variety of add-ons for Wildstar and has quickly become a forum superstar.

Once she made it to WildStar HQ, she quickly asked for a variety of features and changes that she wanted to see in Wildstar. Sadly, the only way to see those discussions about the actual API or Apollo libraries used in add-on development is to become a beta-tester yourself!

Wildstar is NCSoft and Carbine's attempt to create "the next great MMO." This game features a planet named Nexus that has recently been re-discovered. The resources on the planet are being fought over by a variety of different factions. It seems that everyone involved wants to take control of all the ancient and sometimes deadly artifacts left behind by the now lost race called the Eldan.

Carbine studios, created by former Blizzard employees in 2005, has promised a number of features for WildStar including a ton of different PVP features. One of the most promising of these features seems to be the Warplot. Here, players can get together to purchase a plot of land. They can then build a fortress on that land and defend it from another party of players. Between this, capture the flag, hold the line, and world PVP, there is more than enough to keep competitive people interested.

For more on the game, check out Warcry's coverage and previews of WildStar including an interview about the planet Nexus, a scientist preview, and more.

Source: Wildstar Blog


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