Tales of Solaris Rolls Out Cross-Server Wars

| 5 Jul 2013 18:06
Tales of Solaris chick

Cross-Server Wars allow Tales of Solaris players to battle for glory in 40-player arenas.

Anime/magic/steampunk MMORPG Tales of Solaris has introduced Cross-Server Wars, which will allow players to battle stronger opponents and gain greater rewards. These new arenas will divide players by their timezone and last a full season. Pitting 40 warriors against each other, Cross-Server Wars aim to find the strongest warrior on each server by means of elimination.

The event is for the most hardcore Solaris players; in order to compete, you must have more than 8,000 Combat Power. Matches will start at 9 p.m. in each server's time zone and last for an hour every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The goal is obtaining as many points as possible. Points can be exchanged for rewards that will hopefully lead to more points.

Finals for Cross-Server Wars will take place on the third Saturday of each season. There, warriors can truly find who is the strongest player out there.

Tales of Solaris

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