Darkfall Unholy Wars Introduce Auction House Market System And Makes Villages More Valuable

| 8 Jul 2013 15:41
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Darkfall Online introduces an auction house system and tweaks their PvP to make it more rewarding.

The ability for players to exchange goods is a core component of having an active social community in an MMO. Players need to be able to have a reliable market and stable pricing in order to have security in their purchases, and for the community to have a standard by which they gauge wealth. Similarly, they need to have faith that their investments, whether those investments take the form of time, money, or effort, will be rewarded. In order to stabilize the market and increase player investment in Darkfall Unholy Wars, the developers at Aventurine are implementing an Auction House style Market feature, and increasing the rewards from capturing and holding Villages in a patch that will be released sometime next week.

The Market is a feature that has been long awaited in Darkfall, and its inclusion is a promising step in the game's stability. The Market system should be familiar to anyone who has used an Auction House in other games. The Market uses an order system, where players can sell items for a set price, and other players can search for and purchase those items. In their news release, the developers discuss the strengths of the system, saying that it will, "create a more transparent game economy and will reduce existing trading hassles." They also suggest that the system will create a more player-driven economy, and that adding a market will also allow them to get a clear picture of the supply and demand of certain items, which will give them greater insight into how to balance the game.

DarkFall: Unholy Wars
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Darkfall Unholy Wars is an intense full PvP MMORPG that combines real-time action and strategy in a fantasy setting. The game pushes the envelope of MMOs by featuring the largest seamless and zoneless world of its kind, and is able to host upwards of ten thousand concurrent users per server. Without instances or other designed roadblocks to player interaction, Darkfall Unholy Wars is redefining the MMORPG genre. In the bloodthirsty world of Agon you will form clans and battle your fellow players for dominance. Recruit your friends and allies, engage in epic land and naval battles to conquer fortresses and clan cities, interact with thousands of concurrent players and carve yourself an everlasting legend!

The design team for Darkfall is also going to be tweaking the rewards for capturing and holding Villages in the upcoming patch. Villages were designed to be an integral part of the clan holding meta-game, but have been neglected in territory control PvP. In order to amend the situation, Villages are receiving an upgrade, granting increased rewards when stealing from a Village, and granting 10x the previous amount of Prowess points for capturing a Village.

Additionally, capturing a Village will be more meaningful, as the Village will remain invulnerable to recapture for 20 hours after being taken. This means that a captured Village can serve as a base of operations for clans to hold while planning their next move. Aventurine has also increased the amount of loot found in Villages, and they've added a possibility for Building modules to drop during a capture.

Darkfall Unholy Wars is currently in open beta, and boasts itself as one of the toughest and most hardcore MMO experiences around. If you think you've got the stuff to take on massive armies and clan-based PvP, you should check it out now.

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