WarCry Firefall Community Event -- Play With WarCry And Win Prizes

| 9 Jul 2013 16:00

firefall community event

Play Firefall with WarCry and win some prizes!

Firefall, the free-to-play sci-fi MMO shooter from Red 5 Studios, has entered Open Beta. To celebrate, WarCry is inviting everyone to join us in-game during our special Firefall Community Event.

The Community Event will take place on July 11-13 and again on July 24-26. During this time, members of WarCry will be playing Firefall on our live stream from 4PM to 7PM EST and we want you to come play, too! We'll be hanging out, doing quests, running through Blackwater Anomaly, asking developers questions, and more.

To make the event even better, we're also giving away a bunch of prize packs. There are 24 prize packs in total, with 12 lucky fans getting a prize each week. These weekly prizes include ten "Operator Starter Packs" ($35 value) which offer a few boosts and the ability to unlock two advanced battleframes. We also have two of the ultimate "ARES Starter Packs" ($180 value) to give out which come with ten battleframes, visual enhancements, and all sorts of other perks.

To get in on the action, all you have to do is play Firefall with us and enter the sweepstakes. To download the game, head to the official Firefall site and get it for free.

For more information on the Firefall Community Event, visit the event's mini-site to officially sign up for the giveaway and check out the rules.

We can't wait to play some Firefall with you! If you know you're going to be around for the event, leave your username in the comments section below so we can be sure to play together.


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I have received an email stating i have won a starter pack how do I receive the prize.

Hope I can team up with you guys tomorrow

ready in game, name is Elbandi

Loading up the game. Getting ready. Foods cooking water on hand.

Waiting in game now in game name SigmaFour

Im on now and my name is SparkyElectrum

I am in and my name is zeotetra the chosen annoy me i want to slap them in the face with my gun roar

It's fun, I'll be there tomorrow right after I write a speech on Nikola Tesla. In face, I may be rehearsing the speech on the live stream chat JK I won't do that. But I'll be there again tomorrow.

Awsome! My IGN is Pondera ill be on today I Loove BWA!

This is awesome! I love FireFall! Thanks for doing something so cool!
If anyone wants to play, my in game name is Tytoros.

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