Solstice Arena Developer Live Stream With WarCry On July 10

| 8 Jul 2013 18:50
solstice arena

Play Solstice Arena with its developers and WarCry on June 10!

Solstice Arena, the free-to-play speed MOBA from Zynga, was one of WarCry's favorite games at E3 2013. Now that the title has been out for almost a month, we wanted to do something special. To that end, we're holding a live stream Community Event on Wednesday, July 10 at 4-6PM PST, with the developers of Solstice Arena, Warcry team members, and a few lucky players.

The live stream will be available via Twitch, and will feature two hours of matches with the developers and designers of Solstice Arena, WarCry staff, and the community. We'll be playing 3vs3 co-op vs. bots matches as well as player vs. player matches.

In addition, the Solstice Arena developers and designers will also be answering questions from the fans. There are three ways folks will be able to chat with the devs during the event:

If you want a chance to play with us, make sure you're following @SolsticeArena on Twitter and Tweet out #SolsticeArenaWarcry with your Solstice name Tuesday, June 9 between 4-5PM PST.

Solstice Arena is the world's first speed MOBA that offers quick 6-11 minute games and can be played cross-platform between different iOS devices. It's guided by two main principles: accessibility and hardcore fun. Whether you're new to MOBAs or a hardcore veteran, Solstice Arena is easy to pick up and play for any skill level. The game is a condensed version of other MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2 and offers a single lane map with no farming. Instead, players earn gold over time and by killing other players.

We all look forward to playing some Solstice Arena with you and hope you'll join us for this great event! If you have any questions for the devs, designers, or WarCry, leave them below (or use any of the avenues listed above) and we'll be sure to get to them.

See you in the Arena!

Solstice Arena

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