EVE Online Players Blow Up Rare Ship

| 9 Jul 2013 02:53
EVE Online Flight of a Thousand Rifters battle

Let's build a starship made of diamonds in EVE and park it on a busy street with the keys in the ignition. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Recently, a corporation in EVE Online lost a very rare ship. To explain this in the simplest terms it is best to start by saying that there are ships called supercarriers. Each race has a supercarrier and as of the Incursion expansion, the revenant faction does as well. One of the rarest of the supercarriers is the Revenant Supercarrier. In fact, the Revenant Supercarrier is so rare that CCP has said that there were only three of them in the entire game. The reason for this is the rarity of the blueprint it is made from. So, for those who create it, this ship is pretty impractical to build. It is essentially a flying target for a game filled with players eager to incur the most monetary damage to each other's corporations. Thanks to some shady dealings, a lucky group of Capsuleers managed to do just that.

To put this into a bit of perspective, people have been saying that the player who owned the now destroyed Revenant Supercarrier lost approximately $8,000 in real life funds. This is a difficult sum to manage because it is extremely difficult to convert PLEX (30-days of game time) to real life currency without resorting to black market tactics. Instead, it is maybe a little easier to talk about the time involved.

In order to fly a supercarrier, there are around 3-400 days of skilling up that players need to manage. In all honesty, a new player will most likely take 5-600 days to get into a ship like this. The ship itself costs around 300 billion ISK and it takes around 90 days to come up with the blueprint and around 30 days to manufacture the thing. So, in total, we're getting to around two years of constant skilling, researching, and planning to produce a ship over 10 times more expensive than other ships of its kind.

And it was all lost in an instant.

This fight wasn't really anything special in EVE terms, either. It was a hot drop on a Supercarrier that left itself a little too vulnerable. The thing that did it all in was a "betrayal" by another corporation that left the Revenant group (known as the corporation Pandemic Legion) confounded. If you'd like to experience the loss in real time, please listen to this Soundcloud recording of the battle. Note that this sound file contains explicit language.

With battles like this happening in an ever-increasing frequency, it seems like the latest expansion to EVE Online, Odyssey, has shaken things up quite a bit! You can watch a video of the fight below.

Source: Reddit

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