Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 2.3: Titans of Industry Introduces The Czerka Corporation

| 9 Jul 2013 20:47
star wars the old republic

Czerka is a castle, and you're the king.

BioWare has unveiled a few new lore tidbits about Star Wars: The Old Republic's upcoming Game Update 2.3, Titans of Industry. The update itself is focused around SWTOR's end game and introduces two new level 55 Flashpoints centered around the Czerka Corporation. The update will also add a role-neutral story mode option for faster queues, a level 55 daily area called CZ-198, two reputation organizations for each faction, updates to the Alderaan Civil War Warzone, an Ewok Companion, and an overall vibrant graphical upgrade to the game.

The Czerka Corporation, according to BioWare, is the most dynamic business entity in the entirety of known space. To get players more familiar with Czerka and its members, the SWTOR developers have released a new mini-site devoted entirely to the corporation.

The site features a letter to players from Special Executive Rasmus Blys as well as a virtual tour of the Czerka's CZ-198 daily area. In the letter, Blys, who has overseen the Czerka facility at CZ-198 for almost four years, explains his leadership mentality and the huge technological advances the company has made under his guidance.

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"Of course, any good castle needs a castellan, and that's how I see my role as "Special Executive": merely one servant among many, responsible for ensuring that all of the people and machines of CZ-198 have everything they need to work together and achieve their highest potential," reads Rasmus Blys' letter. "After all, we wouldn't want to waste the tremendous resources that we're so fortunate to command, or risk tarnishing the gleaming legacy that the Czerka brand has so flawlessly developed!"

While he might sound like a nice guy, he later goes on to explain how the goods at Czerka should be marketed and sold to every sapient being in the galaxy. Think of that what you will.

The virtual tour, also offered on the update 2.3 mini-site, gives players a look at the new CZ-198 area. CZ-198 is a new level 55 daily mission area on an exoctic moon where Czerka keeps its most dangerous data, research, and technology. While it may sound scary, the facility is actually rather lovely, and designed with efficiency in mind.

"Czerka Corporation has been a pioneer in the bioweapons industry since its founding, and CZ-198 is leading the charge of innovation in this exciting and dynamic field," explained the CZ-198 tour director. "Our facility has the most sophisticated specimen observation and testing laboratories ever developed, ensuring that phenomenal new developments can be made in an atmosphere of utmost safety."

Check out the screenshot gallery below to se CZ-198 in-game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's 2.3 update is on the public test server now, and will be deployed for all players very soon. Stay tuned to WarCry for more updates about the free-to-play sci-fi MMO.

Source: BioWare

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