Dragon Nest: Resurrection Update Detailed In Walkthrough Video

| 9 Jul 2013 22:23
dragon nest resurrection

The stakes are higher than ever in Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest, the hit free-to-play MMO from Nexon, recently entered a new age with its Resurrection update. The update, available now, raised the level cap in the game to 60, added five new dungeons, a new zone, new PvP gear, new skills, and new story nests. To make sure players don't miss a thing, Nexon has released a walkthrough video showcasing all of the new content.

The content, according to Nexon, centers around a character named Teram. "Teram, leader of the Divine Order, has returned to Saint's Haven, but not alone," Nexon said. "He brings Rose and news of Varnak, a fallen hero who has returned from the dead under the Dragon Cultists' control. Teram intends to put his old friend to rest once and for all, but with Rose's visions fading and Gerrant's sword in Velskud's possession, the situation is looking direr by the minute."

For a look at what's available in the Dragon's Nest: Resurrection update, check out the full walkthrough video below.

Source: Nexon

Dragon Nest

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