WildStar Returns With Another Sassy DevSpeak Video on Aiming

| 11 Jul 2013 15:27
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Carbine takes two minutes to explain their Free Form Targeting System, and then one minute to blow up some goats.

WildStar's DevSpeak trailers have been something of a hit among the gaming community for their combination of in-depth mechanical explanation, the eager display of previously unrevealed aspects of gameplay, and honest and sassy commentary that peppers each video. The most recent DevSpeak released this morning, July 11, reveals details about the most important part of WildStar's combat system: Aiming.

Before explaining their chosen method of aiming in WildStar, the developers discuss the other options and why they ultimately did not choose them. They quickly go through traditional MMO tab-targeting, cross-hair aiming, soft-targeting, and MOBA skill shots. The style that WildStar will be using is a custom designed system the devs call 'Free Form Targeting' which combines the best parts of traditional tab-targeting and MOBA skill shots.

With Free Form Targeting, players can line up their attacks using a phantom line of the attack before releasing it, to make sure it will do what they want. This will allow better players to capitalize on intelligently aiming their skills, rather than just attacking the target in front of them. This system gives players a huge amount of control over their attacks, and greatly increases the skill cap in WildStar, something that many players have been craving.

The developers at Carbine think that Free Form Targeting is the missing link between the old-school tab target system that they find boring, and the cross-hair aiming system, which feels out of place in an RPG. With Free Form Targeting, the focus of the game's combat is going to be highly action oriented, with positioning and aiming being core components of successful play. During the video, the devs show how important aiming is for all classes and roles, including tanks and healers. They also display a wide variety of attack shapes and cones, ranging from lines, to AoE circles, to D&D-style cones.

The video ends with a teaser for their next video, in which they will discuss how crowd control is different in WildStar than in other games.

WildStar doesn't yet have a release date, and is still in closed beta. If you want to see what the game has to offer yourself, check out the video below, or look back on their equally entertaining video on movement or Paths, their class system.

PS: Make sure you watch this one to the end.


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