Infinite Crisis Introduces Batman, The Dark Knight

| 11 Jul 2013 16:13
batman infinite crisis

The caped crusader is ready to wreak havoc.

It has been a while since Turbine released a new Infinite Crisis Champion, but the wait is over as Batman has been revealed. Infinite Crisis is the upcoming free-to-play MOBA set in the DC Comics Universe. Currently, the game is in closed beta and features two other versions of Batman: Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Batman. They're each awesome in their own right, but the caped crusader's original form wasn't in the game until now.

The Dark Knight is an energy-based melee bruiser who gets up close and personal against foes in order to bring them down quick. Let's take a look at his abilities.

Batman's Passive is Watching, Waiting. Thanks to this ability, Batman gains extra attack and power armor, and the effect is doubled when he's stealthed. Additionally, if Batman enters stealth or walks on a stealth pad, he'll regenerate health over time.

Batman's first usable ability is none other than Batarang. When used, he flings a Batarang at an enemy that deals damage and marks them. Marked enemies are stunned by Batman's basic attacks, and when Batman punches Marked enemies he restores a bit of his energy resource.

Martial Arts, Batman's second ability, allows Batman to dash towards an enemy and deal attack damage. If they've been previously marked by Batarang, Batman can follow-up with Martial Arts to stun even ranged targets.

Batman's third ability, Cape Sweep, is an area of effect attack. It deals damage to enemies in a circle around Batman, in addition to slowing them and lowering their attack speed.

The Dark Knight is Batman's Ultimate. When used, it creates a cloud that blocks enemy vision. While in the cloud, Batman can attack enemies and gains energy, movement, and attack speed. On top of that, being in the cloud activates his passive, Watching, Waiting, giving him even more attack power.

To check out Batman's moves in action, and to learn some tips and tricks about how to play him, watch the Infinite Crisis video below.

Infinite Crisis

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