Second Life Developer Linden Lab Acquires Desura

| 12 Jul 2013 03:38
Second Life Milan

The company behind popular life simulator Second Life now owns indie digital distribution portal Desura.

One of the funnest things about MMO gaming? Getting your hands dirty with player-made mods, I reckon. That's one of the big draws of decade-old virtual life sim Second Life, whose developer Linden Lab has now acquired indie gaming portal Desura.

The news was revealed in a press release on Linden Lab's website. The newly acquired Desura is a digital distribution service that specializes in indie games and mods. While gamers can purchase games through the site, perhaps its most exciting feature is the way it allows developers to share their mods with a wide and established audience. Certain games, such as shooter MMO Guncraft, started out as mods that quickly reached full-blown commercial release thanks to their Desura followings.

It's interesting to note how much of players' interaction with Second Life revolves around the sharing, selling, and exchange of player-made content. This acquisition shows that Linden Lab has a definite interest in the area, and while they've not yet announced any plans for Desura, it'd be nice to see them expand their support for mods even further. MMOs are particularly ripe for modding, with games like World of Warcraft able to be greatly enhanced through mods - I wonder what Desura will offer to MMO gamers under its new direction?

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