Blizzard Announces a BlizzCon Talent Show

| 12 Jul 2013 04:02
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The behemoth developer is giving gamers the chance to show off their skills at this year's convention.

Can you wiggle your hips like one of World of Warcraft's stunning Draenei ladies, or maybe gurgle charmingly in the way only a murloc can? Those of you with peculiar and very Blizzard-specific talents will be glad to know that there's a talent contest on at this year's BlizzCon - you better polish up, because here's how you're going to enter it.

World of Warcraft
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Enter the world of Azeroth and battle against the Alliance of humans, dwarves and night elves or the brutish orcs, trolls and undead of the Horde. World of Warcraft has a very large community of players with hundreds of servers and a myriad of endgame pursuits from raiding dungeons, questing, achievement hunting, PVP arenas, and now pet battles.

According to the Blizzard blog, to be considered for the competition you (or your band/team/troupe/family/continent of entertainers) will need to submit a two-minute video of your Blizzard-themed performance by posting it on YouTube and then submitting the link via the BlizzCon Talent Contest submission form (scroll down to find the link to the talent show form specifically). Blizzard are looking for dramatic monologues, stand-up comedians, intricate dance performances, musical displays - anything you can think of, so long as it's in some way related to Blizzard or a Blizzard franchise. "We know you have skills we haven't even dreamed of," they say, and to me that sounds like a challenge. Can anyone play Starcraft competitively using only their feet?

Submissions are already open. This is the first time BlizzCon will be holding a talent show as part of the convention, so who knows? You just might be the very first handsome, talented person to win this thing, setting the standard for all future talent shows Blizzard may hold in future.

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