Marvel Heroes Makes Free Heroes Easier To Obtain

| 12 Jul 2013 15:24
Eternity Splinters

Marvel Heroes introduces Eternity Splinters, an in-game currency that lets players buy heroes.

Free-to-play action MMO Marvel Heroes has introduced a new way to obtain free-to-play heroes. Until now, the only way to get a new free hero was waiting for a hero icon to drop as a random loot item. Replacing this system are Eternity Splinters, items that will drop during random fights throughout the game. An announcement made by Gazillion Entertainment President David Brevik revealed that these items can later be used as currency to purchase free-to-play heroes.

The old hero icon system could be wildly frustrating for players grinding away to get that one champ they want. For example, I played through the entire campaign, reached level 35, and only received a single hero icon...for Hawkeye. Now, players are not only guaranteed to receive Eternity Splinters drops, but they can choose which heroes they want.

In his announcement, Brevik claimed, "If you spend an evening playing the game and collecting splinters, it's very likely you'll collect roughly the same amount of splinters the next evening."

This is great news for anyone who gave up on Marvel Heroes after being unable to obtain a new hero. Splinters can also be used to level up powers and even respec a hero, you know, after you've purchased all the heroes. Eternity Splinters will debut on test servers beginning July 15, and hopefully reach main servers shortly thereafter.

For any questions about Eternity Splinters, check out this nifty FAQ.

Source: Marvel Heroes homepage

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