Arcane Saga Shuts Down Its Servers In September, Turns Off Lights On The Way Out

| 12 Jul 2013 18:09
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Gone before it even had a chance to live. RIP Arcane Saga.

As an MMO enthusiast, it's always sad to watch a game shut down its servers. Somewhere between the server-side world generator and the inventory screen, a real world existed where players met and interacted, and had shared experiences that were as real and meaningful as the ones that we share in the external world together. But alas, with deadlines to meet and expectations to be met, not every world can be maintained. Thus is the tale of Arcane Saga, which announced earlier today, July 12, that they would be shutting down their servers not even two months after the game had launched.

In a painfully somber news post, the Arcane Saga team announced that the game would be closing its servers on September 16, though they had the grace to permanently close down the cash shop alongside the news post.

In a brief Q/A with the post, the developers at Netmarble explain that the game could not be sustained in its current form, and that they didn't think it would be manageable with a smaller staff. Players who have remaining NC (the real-money currency) can use it to buy titles that are currently available, or titles that the developers promise are on the way.

Arcane Saga Online
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With a unique combo system, a strong focus on PvP, and the ability to easily change character jobs, Arcane Saga Online is an MMO worth looking into. Two year after Prius Online was shut down, the original team behind the game rebranded it and launched it as Arcane Saga, so the game is tried and tested with an established fan base.

Additionally, GMs will be leading events in the days to come, including XP Boost events, special boss encounters, and more. As a final farewell and thank you, the developers have also promised a special package for players to their other PC titles, such as District 187, Uncharted Waters Online, and Dice Ventures, though the details are still yet to come.

As a free-to-play game, Arcane Saga was one blip in the massive crowd of current generation MMOs that have been largely profiting from the new sales model. Though it would be interesting to dig deeper and ask why Arcane Saga failed where so many others have succeeded, it seems unlikely that the developers would field the question, let alone go into what led to the downfall of the game so soon.

Perhaps the saddest thing about this whole affair is that the game is only about a month old. We here at WarCry are putting the flag at half-mast for Arcane Saga, a game put down before it even had a chance to realize itself. RIP, Arcane Saga, may you live on in private server emulators and the memories of your players.

Source: Netmarble

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