World of Tanks Gives Away Free Tanks for Best Tank Destroyers

| 15 Jul 2013 19:46
WoT 15th

WoT's 15th anniversary celebration continues with sweet tank destroyer action.

Wargaming is making the most of the 15th anniversary of World of Tanks with yet another great contest. This time, Wargaming is giving tank destroyers the star treatment heavy tanks got last month. The contest, which is going on now, will last a month and wrap up on August 15.

During the event, players will compete to become one of the top 50 XP earners for each tank destroyer-class tank in a single battle. All of these top 50 will receive 3,000 gold and the top three will receive a free tank along with gold.

Each individual tank destroyer is its own prize pool, which means there are tons of potential rewards to be won. Competitors don't have to enter, instead, all of the results will be handled on Wargaming's side, so no screenshots or entry forms are necessary.

If your favorite tank is a tank destroyer, now is a great time to capitalize on your skills and start grinding away for that gold...and maybe even a free tank.

The tank prizes are as follows:

First place: Type 59
Second place: Type 62
Third place: Pz B2

Source: World of Tanks homepage

World of Tanks

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