New Defiance Challenge Hour: Volge Trooper

| 16 Jul 2013 16:15
Defiance challenge hour

Defiance's newest Challenge Hour tasks players with killing Volge Troopers to win their friends a free copy of the game.

Trion Worlds, the dev team behind Defiance, has just announced its most recent Challenge Hour - Volge Trooper. Challenge Hours are regular events in Defiance in which players compete against fellow players for an hour to win a specific challenge. To compete, all players have to do is sign the entry form and show up at the scheduled time.

This week's challenge is to kill the highest amount of Volge Troopers. However, Trion has thrown in a twist: Player Sponsorships. New to Challenge Hour, players can now be sponsored by up to 20 friends, and anyone who sponsors a winning player (by providing a name and email) will win a free digital copy of the game.

Also new to Challenge Hour is the increase of challenges; these will be held bi-weekly moving forward. Here is the the entry form and rules for any interested challengers.


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