Guild Wars 2: Cutthroat Politics Content Update Detailed, Watch The Campaign Videos

| 16 Jul 2013 16:21
guild wars 2 cutthroat politics

Two candidates need your support.

ArenaNet recently revealed their upcoming Guild Wars 2 content update, Cutthroat Politics. The update, which will be out July 23, will allow players to vote for one of two candidates competing for a spot on the Captain's Council of Lion's Arch. Now, ArenaNet has released some fresh details about the update, as well as two in-game campaign trailers for each candidate.

Cutthroat Politics is a bit different from past updates, as the conclusion will leave a lasting impression in Guild Wars 2. Whichever candidate is chosen will add permanent features to the game, including mini-games and price reductions on specific vendors. The update will also bring new player versus player events, including SouthSun Survival, Aspect Arena, and the Candidate Trials.

For participating in both these solo and group battles, players can win back items like The Desert Rose or a Zephyr Rucksack. If players are able to complete the meta achievement for the event, which tasks them to participate in all aspects of Cutthroat Politics, they can unlock miniature versions of Ellen Kiel and Mini Evon Gnashblade, the two contenders for the Captain's Council seat.

To check out the campaign videos for Ellen Kiel and Mini Evon Gnashblade, watch them below.

Vote for Ellen Kiel

Vote for Evon Gnashblade

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