End of Nations to be Rebranded as a MOBA

| 17 Jul 2013 17:32
End of Nations MOBA

MMORTS End of Nations will be madeover as a MOBA after a long, drawn-out tailspin.

After suffering a drawn-out death spiral, Trion Worlds title End of Nations is back and kicking. Trion just announced that the game's invite-only Alpha server is back online for testing. The game, which was previously being developed as an MMORTS, has been drastically redone and will now feel much more like a MOBA.

End of Nations
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End of Nations is a gorgeous, high-quality, free-to-play MMORTS for PCs. With no purchase required, players can enter a world-encompassing conflict between the opposing forces of the Liberation Front and Shadow Revolution. Build and command a massive, futuristic army and use their power to vanquish your foes and forward your faction's cause.

End of Nations was previously being developed by Petroglyph Games, but has been taken over by Trion Worlds. The game's previous designer had planned to incorporate elements of both RTS and MMO games. EoN has battled development issues for years, and last November, shuttered its open beta, refunding all purchases. Only a week later, Petroglyph laid off a grip of its employees.

However, the game is now getting a makeover that Trion Worlds claims will include "noticeably quicker and more dynamic MOBA gameplay, streamlined UI, cleaner graphics, smaller teams and more powerful heroes, delivering an entirely revamped experience."

Executive Producer Scot Lane said in a statement:

We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our last round of Alpha and Beta testing - and applied those learnings to the game, boiling it down to the strongest core game elements -tactical combat, session-based gameplay, and vastly improved hero units. Our core fans have been tremendous during this stage of early development. We are now confident we have the game the fans have been waiting for: a tremendously powerful tactical game that fans of war games and strategy will love.

The new iteration of End of Nations will reduce team sizes to 2-4 players and include a number of major changes to gameplay, including focused objectives and more tactical leveling. Long story short, End of Nations is currently being developed as a MOBA, through and through.

Players can register for an alpha/beta testing invite here.

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