Pathfinder Online "Work In Progress" Video Brings Golarion to Life

| 18 Jul 2013 17:08
Pathfinder Online Goblins

Goblinworks' latest release shows the open world in Pathfinder Online, as well as in game structures, some combat animations, and even a cheeky goblin.

Being a huge Pathfinder fan, I am always excited when I see any content releases on Pathfinder Online, Goblinworks successful Kickstarter brain child. Pathfinder Online is a sandbox MMORPG based around the concept that players should be in control of their world, and allowing them to explore and conquer Pathfinder's Golarion for their own. The Pathfinder Online team released a "Work in Progress" video to show the players what their image of Golarion looks like, and what the players can ultimately expect to see in Pathfinder Online.

The CEO of Goblinworks, Ryan Dancey, is changing up the game with Pathfinder Online, reverting to a sandbox style game, rather than a theme park MMO, where players can influence their environment and make a permanent difference in how the game plays out around them. Not only is this style closer to how Pathfinder or other table-top RPGs function in their classic form, but it gives players the tools to create their own world, which is a much more efficient form of content generation for a game developer. Sandboxes, however, require lots of room for the players to run around and explore, and the fans of Pathfinder Online have been eager to see what the world of Golarion will look like from the inside.

The video alternates between concept art of the growing structures that will be featured in the game and their in-game models, exploring the structures and landscapes that Pathfinder Online has prepared in their early alpha. Because player housing is such an important part of how Pathfinder Online will function, I don't think it seems unreasonable to believe that some of the building models displayed will be available to players, though I admit that I am speculating on that point.

Pathfinder Online
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Based on the tabletop RPG of the same name, Pathfinder Online aims to bring Paizo's famous fantasymworld to the realm of MMORPGs with deep, addictive gameplay and mechanics based on the award-winning pen and paper RPG.

The video also shows many character and armor models. I'm pleased to say that the Goblinworks team has stuck true to the Pathfinder aesthetic, and the armor all looks flavorful and attractive in-game (though some of the models were unfinished). Towards the end of the video, we also get a chance to see (presumably) a fighter swing his sword and board around, showing clean, flowing animations for combat. We also see a...spunky goblin taunt, and even a quick glimpse of a troll before the video comes to a close.

More than anything, this video was a teaser. Pathfinder Online currently has no estimated release date, and even their projections put the game in for mid-2015 at the earliest. This video was meant to show PFO's Kickstarter backers what they've gotten themselves into, and whet the appetite of the rest of their followers, which it certainly succeeds at. Don't take my word for it, though. Check out the video for yourself below:

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