Neverwinter Releases Two New Companions: The Celestial Lillend and the Ghost Theratra

| 18 Jul 2013 17:25
NW Lillend 2

Buying friends in Neverwinter has never been easier!

Cryptic's latest MMO, Neverwinter has been the talk of the free to play town since its open beta was released to the public. The Zen Market, Neverwinter's real money shop has been a source of controversy among players who have taken sides on the free to play versus pay to win argument, and it seems as if the battle is a never-ending one. No matter which side of the fight you're on, there's no doubting that many of the items in the Zen Market are useful or cool enough to warrant their price, if you're the sort of person who likes to invest in a character. Besides, there's no way to argue with free expansion packs. In addition to the tiger mount and boar companion, Cryptic has added two cool and useful new items to the Zen Market: the companions Lillend and Theratra.

The celestial Lillend isn't technically available for purchase on the market. Instead, she is a rare drop from the Professions Asset Pack or Professions Booster Pack, which you can buy from the Zen Market. This makes purchasing the Profession Packs a gamble on picking up the epic-quality healing companion, similar to Nightmare Lockboxes with the Nightmare Steed mount. More informed players might care to know that Lillend's Max Rank is 30, and she is equipped with three Offensive Slots for Runestones, and has three ring slots. Lillend's abilities are as follows:

Rejuvenating Chord
2s cooldown, 50' range
Heals the summoner for 1.8% of Max Hit Points.

Audio Drain
7s cooldown, 30'range
Deals Physical Damage
Deals damage over time to target foe and heals allies near the target for 1.4% of their maximum health with every tick.

Piercing Notes
Foes hit by Audio Drain are weakened and take 20% more damage.

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It's been over century since the Spellplague forever changed The Forgotten Realms. Now, explore the city that's been at the center of a thousand adventures: Neverwinter. Adapted from the real Dungeons and Dragon's ruleset, Neverwinter will feature action-oriented combat and storytelling unlike any other MMO. Take the world in your hands with the Foundry toolset and make your own tales. Make your mark in this legendary world.

The ghostly companion Theratra is a control mage that will help players defeat their opponents by turning their enemies' strength against them. Theratra is a rare-quality companion whose Max Rank is 25, and has one Offense Slot and two Defense Slots for Runestones. She also has two ring slots and one neck slot. Theratra can be purchased directly on the Zen Market for 2000 Zen, which is approximately $20USD. Theratra has three abilities for defeating her foes:

Spirit Touch
2s cooldown, 50' range
Deals Necrotic Damage
Burns the target with magic from the Astral Plane.

Ghostly Possession
35s cooldown, 50' range
Possesses an enemy minion, turning it briefly to your side. When the possession ends, the minion is killed.

Cloying Touch
Spirit Touch now reduces the cooldown of Ghostly Possession by 1 second each time it is used.

Cryptic also released a short video previewing Theratra, in which she follows around a somewhat drunk fighter and saves him from some bandits. It's definitely worth checking out, at least for the comedic effect. Watch it below:

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