Blackshot's Grey Wolf - Order Assassination Update Detailed

| 19 Jul 2013 11:22

A new playable character arrives with deadly new items in tow.

War's depressing. Thank god we don't actually live in videogames. If Blackshot is anything to go by, nobody would attempt to hold off on World War 3; why, you might even say they're encouraging warfare with their new update. The Grey Wolf - Order Assassination update drops a new character as well as new weapons.

Rayne is a new female character who specializes in jungle survival warfare, and it seems she's got some stealthy skills - she'll be able to silence enemies without being detected, and even eliminate targets without them knowing (until they're, y'know, dead and stuff).

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Blackshot is a tactical first-person shooter in which the player is a mercenary fighting for corporations in the wake of World War 3. Players choose from one of four characters, and equip them with customized items through an in-game shop. Gameplay pits two corporations against each other in modes ranging from Team Deathmatch, to Bomb Planting, to Capture the Flag. For players who enjoy PvE, Day Break requires all players to defend their base using limited supplies against endless streams of enemy NPCs. Level your character up 60 levels, earning experience point and mastering specific weapons along the way until obtaining the rank of Commander in Chief.

Players will also be able to carry new guns, such as the SPAS LoneWolf, the UMP GreyWolf, and the PSG1 ArcticWolf into battle. If the update title isn't any indication, then let me be the first to warn you that it's going to be one big canine-themed party up in this joint - other new items include the Wolf Fang and the GreyWolf Grenade. To make yourself seem just a little bit more approachable, why not top it all off with a Straw Hat?

Meanwhile, Blackshot is also offering a special event, giving players who "like" the Facebook page a chance to win in-game awards merely for being a fan on Facebook. Someone tell me that one of the rewards is a wolf. Or a corgi. I'd be pretty happy with that too.

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