Champions Online' Next Patch Introduces a "Fatal Err0r"

| 20 Jul 2013 06:24
Champions Online Screen 05

The comic-style MMO gets a new, digitized story arc.

If you log in to Champions Online and find yourself presented with a "Fatal Err0r," don't worry - said error is actually an intentional plot twist. The story arc launched yesterday, allowing players to digitize themselves into the SOCRATES mainframe's virtual reality to defeat viruses. You've gotta love that kind of cyberpunk joy.

According to a post on the Champions Online blog, the first Fatal Err0r mission is now live, encouraging players to save the Champions' supercomputer - while earning exclusive in-game rewards too, of course. Heroes will earn Resources, as well as 500 Questionite Ore and XP. Players also have a chance at grabbing two new exclusive helmets

Champions Online
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There's evil a foot in Millennium City, and it's up to you to stop it! Create your own hero using the ridiculously customizable character creator and get to punching/zapping/shooting/melting/freezing bad guys. Featuring a huge storyline with regular live events, there's always story to follow. Don't just read comics, create your own continuity with Champions Online.

The Intranet Deployment challenge is only available for players to face once per day, so be sure to log in daily to make the most of the rewards. Another instance will be released in the "coming weeks,", tracing the hacker to his hideout.

This all follows the Telepathy Powers added last week, built around debuffs and damage over time. You might not be able to nuke the virus immediately, but maybe you can kill it slowly, eh?

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