World of Warcraft Movie Trailer Debuts at San Diego Comic Con

| 22 Jul 2013 17:00
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WoW movie trailer debuts at SDCC.

A number of sites have confirmed that last Saturday, July 20, Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures debuted the World of Warcraft movie trailer at San Diego Comic Con. The film, entitled Warcraft will begin filming in 2014.

Duncan Jones, the director of sci-fi films Moon and Source Code, is set to direct Warcraft. Jones made an appearance after the trailer aired to express his excitement and to explain that the film is intended to be a "mood piece." Sam Raimi (of Spider-Man trilogy fame) was originally attached to direct but dropped out last year.

If anyone filmed the surprise teaser, they haven't posted their video online. But keep your eyes peeled, it's only a matter of time before it crops up.

World of Warcraft

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