Rift Senior Designer Confirms PvP Dimensions

| 22 Jul 2013 18:13
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Trion Worlds' "Dead Simon" shares some early information about PvP Dimensions coming in Rift 3.0

Rift Senior Designer Simon Finch - also known as 'Dead Simon' among the community- sat down with an interviewer from buffed.de and discussed some things coming to Rift in Patch 3.0, including confirmation of PvP Dimensions.

Finch discussed some of the content Trion Worlds is planning to implement into Rift 3.0. "We do plan for it [Update 3.0] to be free, and we call it an expansion, just because of the scale of it. It will be increasing the level cap to 65, there will be four more souls coming along with it, a bunch more zones, and the players are going to get to go to the Plane of Water."

Finch also discussed PvP Dimensions, which has been hinted at before, but are now confirmed with Finch's on-the-record discussion of the feature. "One of the things I that I think is going to be really exciting for PvP players is something that we are calling PvP Dimensions," he says. "We are going to make some objects... that players can buy in the store and put into their dimensions that will allow them to set up PvP games, that they can then have their friends or anyone partake in."

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Finch mentioned near the end of the interview that one of the things he is most excited about in PvP Dimensions is player creativity. While some players have gone to great lengths to show their creativity and dedication in the past, there have been cases where granting players creative freedom has been abused, and Trion will need to answer a lot of questions regarding balance for the implementation of PvP Dimensions.

Though the interview is with a German company, the interview itself is in English with German subtitles. You can watch the full interview below. The interview itself begins at 16:30. Discussion on 3.0 begins approximately at 21:40 and PvP Dimensions are discussed at 22:45.

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