Guild Wars 2: Cutthroat Politics Goes Live Today

| 23 Jul 2013 15:18
guild wars 2 cutthroat politics

Show your candidate support by slaying their enemies, just like in real politics.

Politics is a messy game. Anyone who has watched Game of Thrones knows that 'You Win or You Die', and anyone who watches CSPAN knows it gets way worse than that. From the smear campaigns, to empty promises, to the two-faced public appearances, it's well known that politics is a ruthless game. Politics has taken root in every corner of the real world, and it seems that now it's got a hand in our fantasy worlds as well, as Guild Wars 2's latest piece of their Living World, Cutthroat Politics is now live.

Cutthroat Politics features two competing candidates for a recently liberated position on the Captain's Council in Lion's Arch, and the results will have a permanent impact on the future of Tyria. The content update is focused around allowing players to show support for their chosen candidate through a number of PvE and PvP challenges. Players who partake in the events will have a chance to win a unique Back slot item, such as The Desert Rose, or a Zephyr Rucksack. Players who truly support their candidate, and complete the meta-achievement will be rewarded with a miniature version of their favored.

The update also includes a new World v World Ability Line that players can use in their sieges. Catapult Mastery will grant players bonuses to damage against walls, other siege units, and includes a potent new skill.

The Cutthroat Politics update is ready to play, and is just the latest piece of ArenaNet's massive Living World feature. Be sure to cast your vote, show your colors, and drown your enemies in blood. Before you go trouncing the other side, though, be certain this is the person you want in office for the rest of the game.

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