EverQuest II Game Update 67 "Darkness Dawns" Out Today

| 23 Jul 2013 17:21
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EverQuest II's newest update, Darkness Dawns is out now and includes a new raid, new armor, and new tradeskills.

Sony Online Entertainment just announced the newest update for EverQuest II, entitled Darkness Dawns. The game's 67th major update covers quests to dungeons and everything in between.

Darkness Dawns brings with it a new solo quest in Siren's Grotto. Questing will also be easier, as quest regions will now be highlighted on players' maps. The new raid area hosts 24 players as they battle in the Arena of the Gods. The Arena allows players to battle avatars of the gods once every three days to try to score great rewards.

Beyond these changes, game update 67 also adds significant changes to Character Achievement Templates, or CATs. Players now can seamlessly switch between three different builds - either prebuilt or made by a player. These CATs can also be shared with friends, which is great for anyone struggling at higher levels.

The full patch notes for Darkness Dawns can be found here.

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