Black Desert Gets New Trailer and Screenshots

| 26 Jul 2013 09:37

Pearl Abyss's fantasy MMORPG Black Desert has received a new teaser trailer and screenshots as it heads into closed beta.

Black Desert looks like an impressive game. Granted a lot of that might have to do with it being visually one of the more gorgeous free-to-play MMORPGs that we've seen. Its world just looks like a vast and expansive environment that, though grounded in common medieval fantasy tropes, is something we imagine wanting to explore.

At least that's how it appears in the game's latest trailer. Released by its developer, Pearl Abyss, alongside a teaser site containing details on the games (Korean) closed beta, the new trailer is relatively simple, showing of characters as they walk the countryside, ride on horseback and, of course duke it out with fantasy baddies. The combat, as has been shown off in the past,appears fast-paced and action based. The enemies look pretty big too. Sure there are more standard sized grunts, but the trailer does give some peeks at a larger, troll-like monster and even a war elephant that we're assuming players will have the opportunity to take down at some point during the game.

The trailer was also released alongside a new gallery of screenshots. The screenshots are, for the most part, close ups of characters builds. While obviously meant to help highlight the detail and high quality of the game's character models, we might have preferred some more action shots. Granted the trailer is more than replete with combat and action, but sometimes it can still be nice to study something in a still frame. Overall, this new content further wets our appetites for Black Desert and the promised English version that will, hopefully, reach North America at some point.

Black Desert

Source: MMO Culture

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