Neverwinter's Latest Holiday, Tymora's Gift Has Begun

| 26 Jul 2013 14:35

Tymora, the goddess of good fortune has granted her favor to everyone in Neverwinter.

Despite its newness, Neverwinter has been quickly catching up to the pack in terms of content releases. With the announcement of the game's first expansion, Fury of the Feywild, releasing the same day as the game's launch, and with the recent end of the Celebration of Lliira event, Neverwinter is keeping the ball rolling with their latest announcement. As of today, the latest in-game event, Tymora's Gift is live.

Tymora is the goddess of good fortune in the Forgotten Realms universe, and Cryptic doesn't want you to forget that for a single second this holiday. Beginning July 26th at 1pm, players will have a chance at looting a Gift of Tymora off any mob that would otherwise drop loot, though the Gifts cannot be looted in Gauntlgrym. The Gift of Tymora could contain any number of incredibly useful rewards, such as:

  • -Fools' Crown of Neverwinter- An unique, epic head piece
  • -A Rare Weapon
  • -A Rare Armor
  • -10,000 Rough Astral Diamonds
  • -Profession Resources (Uncommon, Rare, or Epic)
  • -Potions

With rewards as potent as wallet-padding 10,000 Rough Astral Diamonds, and a chance at the unique cosmetic Fools' Crown, Neverwinter players should be busy farming this weekend. The Tymora's Gift event extends until July 29th at 10am PST, so players will have plenty of opportunities to collect the gift boxes and reap their just rewards. Neverwinter is completely free to play, and with a chance at a Gift Box from any loot, players who have been waiting for a reason to check the game out have no excuses.


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