WildStar: History and Races - A WarCry Guide

| 7 Aug 2013 17:00
wildstar chuah and mordesh

The Exiles

There are no biological differences between Cassians and Humans. Born into the empire, Humans represent a faction of individuals who were crushed and squeezed by the harsh policies of the Dominion, and have turned against the galactic empire. After spending centuries wandering the Fringe - the outermost sector of space - the Human explorer Dorian Walker led the Exiles to Nexus, where they have made an attempt to settle down and make a new life for themselves. The Humans aren't looking for a fight, but if the Dominion wants to take away their home again, they're more than ready to settle the score once and for all.

Available Classes: Warrior, Stalker, Spellslinger, Esper

The Aurin are a forest-dwelling, animal-like race, complete with big ears and furry tails. The Human Exiles encountered the Aurin home world by chance, and the two races became fast friends, as the Aurin were able to sympathize with the Humans' plight. The Dominion followed the Humans' trail, and destroyed the verdant Aurin home world as punishment for their aid to the Exiles. The Aurin are a druidic and kind-hearted people, but their losses at the hands of the Dominion have left them ready to fight for their new homeland on Nexus with everything they've got.

Available Classes: Stalker, Spellslinger, Esper

The Granok are a race of rock-like warriors. Giant in stature and simple in thought, the Granok like to kick ass and take names. For many years, the Granok were a tribal people, and were sought out by the Dominion for their strength. The Granok refused to pledge loyalty to the empire, and went to war with the Dominion despite their inferior technology. To help balance the odds during the war, a Granok warlord raided a Dominion encampment and stole their technology, with which the Granok managed to fend off the remaining Dominion troops. The theft of the technology, however, was against Granok law, and the soldiers who saved their planet were swiftly exiled from it. These Granok joined alongside the Exiles, serving as mercenaries and adventurers. With the recent discovery of Nexus, the Granok are looking to cut a swath of glory, make a healthy profit, and hopefully shed some Dominion blood along the way.

Available Classes: Warrior

Until recently, the Mordesh were a thriving and flourishing people, with access to powerful technology and potent alchemy. They had even received an invitation to join the Dominion, and were looking to take their first steps towards greatness in the galaxy. About a hundred years ago, the famous alchemist, Victor Lazarin created the greatest achievement of Mordesh technology - the Everlife Elixir, which promised eternal life. The Mordesh exulted at their alchemical triumph, and quickly distributed the the elixir to their whole population. However, their triumph was not to last: the Everlife Elixir proved to be unstable, and the Mordesh turned from a race of elegant and brilliant individuals into degenerate and insane people. The Mordesh world quickly turned savage on itself, and was brutally quarantined by the Dominion. In the final moments before he succumbed to madness, Lazarus created a cure for the madness of the Everlife Elixir, which he distributed to the surviving Mordesh. Lazarus led his people to join the Exiles, who helped the last of the Modresh escape the Dominion blockade around their planet. The Modesh now seek to find a cure for their robot-zombie state, and hope to repay the Dominion in kind for their abandonment and desertion in time of need.

Available Classes: Warrior, Stalker, Spellslinger

WildStar is already shaping up to have a great story line. As the game gets closer to release, more and more content will be released that will give players a better understanding of what is happening on Nexus as the Dominion and the Exiles race for power of the alien world. Make sure to check back for the second part of this guide, which will be exploring the classes and paths featured in WildStar, to help understand and pick which combination is the right one for you.


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Same old, same old. MMO just recylce the same ideas over and over with a new coat of paint, this looks like WoW space edition, not to be confused with WoW Jedi edition released in 2011.

This looks...lovely. Too bad MMOs invariably bore the shit out of me.

This game looks and sounds like it is going to be awesome. I can't wait to play it.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Sad to see all beautiful art assets and animations be wasted on a mmo.

Well I'll be keeping track of this. I just hope my laptop can handle the game. Gods I need to upgrade to a real rig.

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