WildStar: Classes and Paths - A WarCry Guide

| 9 Aug 2013 16:00
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Paths are what really sets WildStar apart from other MMOs. Paths are a choice that each character makes in addition to their race and class. Instead of being related to how the character will act, however, a path choice is all about how you as a player want to engage with WildStar as an MMO. Paths are designed to help give players their favorite kind of content, and are actually based on Bartle types in psychology. Players can choose only one path per character, and though some content from each type of path will be available to all players, a player's path will frame their entire experience in WildStar.

Players are also rewarded for working together using their paths. Players who lend a helping hand to someone of a different path will get rewards for doing so, using a system that Carbine calls 'Crossing Paths'. Players are also rewarded for working together within the same path, whether it means splitting up to explore the same cave, or doubling the difficulty and rewards of your bombing run.

The Soldier

The soldier path is for those who play MMOs to kill lots of monsters. Soldier missions include blowing stuff up, killing huge bad guys, or fighting off waves of enemies. Soldiers also get to test out experimental weapons like bombs, flamethrowers and assault rifles. They also get special access to some of the biggest and toughest boss fights in the game.

The Explorer

The explorer is for players who spend their time in games trying to find the perfect spot to take a screen shot, find hidden spots on the map, or get to the top of every mountain. Explorers gain access to secret locations, scavenger hunts, and timed distance challenges. Explorers are also rewarded for exploring all over, hiking to the tops of mountains, and for completing quests such as setting up surveillance equipment and tracking down lost artifacts.

The Scientist

The scientist path is for the lore junkie MMO players. Players who select the scientist path get a robotic scanner pet that will follow them around and give them tons of information about all of the crazy things they'll find on Nexus. Scientists can use their skills to learn more about the secrets of the planet, and even to get some help in solving the puzzles and traps that are waiting throughout the world. Scientists can also scan relics, plants, wildlife, and nearly anything in the WildStar universe to learn more about it and get some unique advantages.

For more information on the Scientist, check out the WarCry Preview of the Scientist path.

The Settler

Settlers are players who like to set up a community. They're for the player who wants to be able to provide whatever the party needs, or to create a base of operations for those around him. The settler can build buildings, creating defensive structure, vendors, quest givers, temporary vehicles, and plenty of other stuff. Settlers are rewarded for adding to the infrastructure of a town, setting up an encampment for players to use, and recovering supplies and resources for future projects.

For more information on the Settler,check out the WarCry Preview of the Settler path.

And that's pretty much it, for now. WildStar currently has no official release date, though it will be releasing sometime later this year. If WildStar has caught your attention and you're looking for more, check out the WarCry exclusive interview with WildStar's developers on the topic of paths. If you haven't already, check out part oneof this guide, which covers the history and races of WildStar.

If you're still craving more after that, check out these hysterical dev speak video that highlight some of WildStar's coolest features. If you still need more after that, you need to go take a cold shower.

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That's four of the classes - according to the website, there's still two classes they haven't released details for yet...

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