Make Your Childhood Home in Everquest Next Landmark for Everquest Next

| 5 Aug 2013 18:52
EQN Parfait 300

Create your home street in Everquest Next Landmark and it might show up in EQ:Next for your friends to destroy.

Sony Online Entertainment hit the ground running on development of Everquest Next. EQNext will have an "open" development process through two different means. The first means to access EQN development is through the Round Table. Here, interested players can engage in official forum, facebook, google+, and twitter discuss the finer points of EQ lore as well as important things like, "Should female dwarves have beards?" Additionally, this winter will see the release of Everquest Next Landmark whereupon interested graphic designers and players can engage in this sandbox-style world and create just about anything they could imagine. One caveat though (if you can call it that), things created in Everquest Next Landmark may be inserted into Everquest Next. Landmark will be out this winter whereas Everquest Next's release date is still unknown but if you'd like to sign up for the beta, click here.

Everquest Next according to SOE, is "a Free to Play, next-generation sandbox MMO built on the ForgeLight Engine." They add to this quote by saying that "There has never before been a game like this." Details are currently flooding the news circuit but as of yet, we know that this game will feature:

  • Full Destructibility - everything in the game can be destroyed
  • Permenent Change - everything is always changing in game, including NPCs, even gods
  • Consequences - the life you save today may end up becoming an evil emperor, or the EQ equivalent of Donald Trump. Each choice you make may shape your, or the world's destiny
  • Mix and matched classes

The one thing I wanted to hear about was PVP in this game. With so much destruction going on, how are things like house protection or even personal protection going to be achieved? This is definitely something that I will be watching closely!

EverQuest Next

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