Everquest Next Video Dump Shows Destruction, Battle, and More...

| 5 Aug 2013 19:43

Run around as a lion scrapping with every single thing in the world, even spoons and buildings in Everquest Next.

When Everquest was released in 1999, it changed the shaped of video games so much that sites like Warcry and Massively grew to cover exclusively. So, when SOE finally starts showing off the next evolution of their seminal franchise, it is with a little bit of nostalgia and a lot of hope to escape the mores of World of Warcraft that we turn to look at what these guys have to offer. Below, you will find what has been shown at the 2013 SOE Live as well as some highlight reels of the announcement press conferences.

EverQuest Next

SOE Live Highlights from Everquest Next announcements.

Debut Gameplay Footage

Debute Characters and Environment Footage

A Battle with a Void Goliath

Completely Destructible Environments

Full Destructibility

Music Sample

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