Eldevin Launches Update, Announces Founder Packs

| 6 Aug 2013 11:11
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Hunted Cow has announced limited edition Founder Packs players can purchase to score in-game and real world products.

The browser-based MMORPG Eldevin has recently launched an updated build of its game. The new version adds support for desired features like multiple player characters and a new Gem system that will allow for the upgrade of player's equipment. The game's developer also announced two new PvP modes and a whopping batch of more than three hundred new achievements for players to complete.

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Eldevin is an MMORPG set in a lush fantasy world. The Emperor of the Infernal Kingdom has invaded, seeking the chaotic power of the elemental spheres. Only your kingdom stands in their way. Join your fellow players as they fight through a lengthy and rich quest, mastering new skills and diverse professions to obtain the strength necessary to save the world from evil.

According to producer John Stewart the new version is just the beginning of several upcoming updates. "We're hoping to increase the level cap for the game again later this month and follow soon after with Open Beta Weekends where we're including even more game content. We've added some new features at players' requests and are continuing to improve the game based on their feedback."

In addition to the new build, developer Hunted Cow also announced the release of new limited edition Founder Packs. Filled with digital goods including Eldevin points, in-game pets, vanity items and unique emote options for purchasers, the Founder Packs will also include physical goodies like t-shirts, art books, a keyring and a canvas map of the game world. The exact contents of each Founders Pack varies based on how much players want to spend. The current options run the gamut from a base package of $10 to a Diamond Founder Pack that costs a whopping $1000 and includes a treasure trove of Eldevin goods. Players interested in perusing the various the options can find them at the Eldevin website.

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