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| 8 Aug 2013 16:49
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A culture clash is happening right now on the Blue Dragon server of Age of Wushu. Should these types of culture clashes be allowed to keep happening in international MMOs?

Distrust of those who do not speak the same language of you is a common confrontation in most multiplayer video games. Whether it be Brazilians, the French, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Koreans, seeing people speak different languages in your (English language released) video game can sometimes cause mostly irrational feelings of alienation and maybe even a little bit of anger. That said, we live in a world of tongues and we should expect this to happen far more than it has.

It is rare for a game to not separate itself by continent. In almost every game, you will see: Asian servers, European servers, and American servers (with Australian and other types of servers being used as needed). We often expect this neat and tidy system to work and work well but what do you do when players from...say, Vietnam who now live or go to college in America, want to get together and play a game together using their native language? In the case of the Age of Wushu's Blue Dragon server, these players get accused of all manner of hacks, cheats, and dirty deeds. The Vietnamese of this server have become the bad guys for what seems to be nothing more than "winning" while using a different language.

In any MMO, you are going to have groups that amass power and wealth and groups that challenge them through however the game allows players to challenge one another. While these events are typically highly-charged emotional events, they remain on somewhat respectful grounds unless these groups differ from one another via language or ethnicity. On the Blue Dragon server on the American server block for Age of Wushu of Vietnamese Americans and/or players from Vietnam, grouped together to carve out a political environment for themselves. They would take control of the elected positions in schools and then, they would have a server to themselves.

Age of Wushu

If these were traditional English speaking players, this wouldn't have been a problem in any way other than a friendly competition. However, because these players speak Vietnamese and because of their pride as vietnamese citizens through things like their player name or guild name, the Blue Dragon server has become something of an international ethnicity-charged skirmish.

Having come from a variety of MMOs with international audiences, this sort of occurrence is pretty routine. When international groups meet, one of the first things that will happen is that various stereotypes will be employed to conduct a psychological war in addition to the one going on inside the game. In my own experience, I have seen this with Kuwaiti players in Final Fantasy 11 on the Bismarck server in addition to some pretty tense dealings with a variety of Russian corporations on EVE Online.

Ultimately, there has yet to be an MMO maker who has managed to find a way to deal with this problem. Alienation and racism in-game can lead to a severely toxic server population and with player-toxicity being such a hot topic at the moment, perhaps this is the time to start to address this facet of it. Only time will tell if Snail Games will attempt to address these issues. Stay tuned for more on this topic in the next few days!

Source: Goons and Viet United: A love story, The Real Deal: Server Diplomacy Info,

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As a former leader of GoonTangClan, I do believe that your info is a bit dated and wrong.

GoonTangClan does not all speak English. We have plenty of non us citizens, some of which have worked in teams that helped to translate Chinese sites about age of wushu so we knew how content worked. We have been allied with an all Chinese guild, a Singaporean guild, and even asked a Vietnamese guild or two to ally with us. We have been in talks several time with Viet United to become allies, and we were the first ones in this relationship to do this well in GoonTangClans infancy. Viet United is also allied now to Shinobi, who is and has been a long term goon ally. They are not our enemies.

Now we do have issues with people that use bot voting for school positions, which is no longer a thing thanks to the recent patch that made voting VIP only, and those leaders who were from one or two of the Vietnamese guilds are now out of it. Is it because they were Vietnamese? No. Are those leaders in guilds primarily or exclusively Vietnamese that did this? Yes. This is just how they describe their selves. We don't have issues with Vietnamese guilds, or any guild really, that does not do these things. It isn't the actions of a race, just the actions of individuals in guilds. When school positions first started, the number of people who voted was rather small. Combined below 100. Once these Vietnamese guilds got people into position to compete, a few things changed. First, a lot of schools had a 3 v 3 match would normally let people do 1 on 1 and chose to use buffs or no buffs. The Viet players would agree to these rules then try to group up 3 v 1. This was the start of bad things to come. Once they won a few spots and got on the ballot for voting the voting would have over 300 people voting. Some times over 600. You used to be able to see the new accounts being called Emei1, Emei2, Emei3 and so on being run up to the point where they could vote and then they would log out. This is no longer an issue as they have added in VIP only voting. The last election for my school was 60 vs 20 in favor of the non Vietnamese player, while for the last two months that player never received less than 300 votes and many times more than that. This was not unique to the school I was a part of.

We have even shown evidence time and a time again, to the point of streaming our guild wars, showing these same groups or similar groups exploiting features of age of wushu. There are videos of this online. In one we showed a guild's leader, vice leader, and a few other notables turn down the graphics settings to hide behind the objectives in guild wars so they could not be hit. The only way to get back there was to also turn down your settings and exploit as well. As we were attacking, it makes no sense for us to be down there first, yet these guilds claimed that we were. We had a stream up the entire time that shows what they said was exactly not true. They also claimed we had done it to them in previous wars but some how none of them knew how to take screen shots. These guilds often have lied or exploited the game mechanics, and thanks to GoonTangClans part, we have raised awareness of these issues and gotten patches applied to stop this.

We also have issues with gold selling on the server. We have found several guilds willing to allow this to happen inside of their guild chat as well as found several guilds using spam bots in the world to promote gold selling websites. We do know of a market where players buy and sell in game items for real money. These sites got so bad that they would have bots teleport during events to steal scripts so they could sell them on the market and gain more money. We tracked those guys down, knew who was behind it, gave that info to SnailUSA, but then the layoffs at snail happened and we lost our contact. We have even seen teleporting kidnapping bots making money, and then watch two Vietnamese guilds yell at each other, one trying to get the other to turn off the bots, so that they them selves could kidnap normally. Sure enough, the bots were turned off for awhile. It is more of an open secret of who is behind these, and it just happens the people are Vietnamese in self described Vietnamese guilds.

In none of the things described above do we think any race is above another race nor is one race more likely to do these bad things than another. But there are people who have done bad things, and they come from primarily Vietnamese guilds. Not all vietnamese players or guilds do bad things. There are bad people who do things from non Vietnamese guilds too, and people in Vietnamese guilds who are not Vietnamese and do bad things. The primarily difference is guilds such as Viet United and a few others describe their selves as Vietnamese guilds, TangChao as a Chinese guild, Kakkis as a Singaporean guild, but very few others claim any sort of nationality as a guild. So we use their own descriptions for their selves instead of creating our own. This isn't racism.

As a VietUnited guild member, I find it highly offensive that people would assume that I only know Vietnamese especially when I don't even know a single word of it. Even if they are Vietnamese, it would be incredibly difficult for them to progress to such a high level guild without English. This of course is because nearly every single guild member knows English as a second language, if not first language.

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