World of Warplanes Developer Interview - Ivan Kulbych

| 8 Aug 2013 16:00

Although based on the same technology and mantras as World of Tanks, "what is completely different is gameplay itself." Kulbych described the combat and gameplay as "more fast paced more intense." He explained that this may mean fans of Tanks will not be drawn to the game, but it also could also capture new players.

Another major difference between Wargaming's two biggest titles is the nature of the warmachines involved. Kulbych pointed out that while tanks vastly vary in armor and strength, "planes have no armor; any plane can kill any plane." Planes also balance somewhat naturally, as faster jet planes are far less maneuverable than propeller planes, giving each unique advantages over the other.

World of Warplanes 2

One of the coolest features in the game (which is available now, but will be expanded upon greatly in future updates) is pilot damage. Currently in development, pilot damage will reward players skilled or lucky enough to hit either a pilot or a gunner. If your pilot is hit, the plane's maneuver speed and reaction time will be reduced. Individual gunners can also take damage, potentially opening up slower planes to greater damage. "There's a difference between the abilities of a plane and the abilities of a pilot," said Kulbych.

As World of Warplanes is in open beta, there are still countless changes and updates forthcoming. Kulbych revealed that Wargaming will be adding a line of British planes to the game soon, including the iconic Spitfire, stating that, "we all want to see Spitfires."

Upon release, both World of Tanks and Planes will use the same account and share some part of economics. Because of this they both use the same approach to upgrading, meaning anyone familiar with WoT should able to pick up the system fairly quickly.

World of Warplanes 1

Right now, the game features eight different maps, however, Kulbych explained maps were not a strong focus for the team, as "any place is interesting for air combat." A few maps feature fog and mountains, but for the most part, maps are not a strong focus for the developers, which is understandable considering everything happens above them.

With over a million players flocking to the open beta of WoWp, it will not be surprising if the game becomes as popular as its big brother WoT upon release. The team in Kiev has a seemingly endless stack of planes they hope to develop, including a number of currently-unrepresented nations. The game is slated for a 2014 release, but if you can't wait, park your tank and fuel up your biplane; a link to the game's open beta can be found below.

World of Tanks

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