Neverwinter Beefs up Instances with Call to Arms

| 7 Aug 2013 19:08
Neverwinter CtA

Instances in Neverwinter just got better with the new Call to Arms event, which offers unique rewards.

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the newest event headed to its fantasy MMO Neverwinter. Entitled Call to Arms, the event builds on the popular instance system, with a few modifications. The event is live this Friday, August 9, and will be available any time after that. Call to Arms is available to all players above level 5.

Players or parties who complete the event have the chance to win companions, dye packs, and transmutation items. Each event will be unique to each adventure zone, and will feel familiar to anyone who has played through the various skirmishes available in each area. For the uninitiated, skirmishes are Neverwinter's version of instances, typically completed by 5 players.

For full details on the new Call to Arms instances, you can find the official announcement here.


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