Age of Wushu Celebrates Release of Legends of Mount Hua

| 7 Aug 2013 16:00
Mount Hua Scene 300

Legends of Mount Hua brings massive combat and new content to Age of Wushu

Snail Games is celebrating the release of Legends of Mount Hua, the first add-on or expansion pack to their successful Age of Wushu. With this expansion comes a variety of new content including competitions for legendary items, a re-enactment of the battle of Yanmen Pass, new reputation and faction systems, in addition to a massive battlefield for 80 players. Legends of Mount Hua is available now and for free through the Age of Wushu store or via a patch.

From their press release, Snail Games says that Legends of Mount Hua includes:

  • Mount Hua Competition in which players fight for titles, costumes, and a legendary sword
  • Yanmen Pass, a 3 part, 18 man instance that re-creates history from Age of Wushu
  • Youyun Sixteen Area Prefectures Battle Arena is a 40 v 40 battlefield
  • Martial Brothers System allows players with established characters to fast track new characters in different schools
  • Jianghu Factions System is a way to earn costumes, weapons and more through fame with each school of Jianghu
  • Jianghu Heroic Playstyle & Treasure System allows players to fight legends from Age of Wushu for stat altering items
  • Jianghu Gratitude & Revenge System allows players to get more friendly with legendary NPCs. Ultimately, this friendship will allow those players to bring their new friends into certain instances

In addition to this new content, Snail Games recently announced that players and fans can expect an Age of Wushu live action movie in addition to new games on mobile devices. Whether or not this mobile content will interact with Age of Wushu in any way is still up in the air.

Further, interested players can also purchase a boxed, solo campaign starring Jet Li which also contains a variety of in-game bonus items. These boxed versions can be purchased at your local Gamestop, but WarCry will also have a contest ready soon in which you'll have the chance to win the boxed version of the game.

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