World of Tanks Update 8.8 Details Revealed

| 8 Aug 2013 16:30
world of tanks operation confederate

WoT readies gamers for game update 8.8 by announcing new Soviet and German tanks along with two new Chinese tanks.

Wargaming, the studio behind free-to-play tank MMO World of Tanks just announced the game's most recent update. "Update 8.8 will introduce some very cool new machines into the Soviet and German lines," said Producer Mike Zhivets in a press release. However, these aren't the only two nations getting some love, as Wargaming also announced two new Chinese premium tanks.

The Chinese tanks, a Tier 8 T-34-3 medium tank and a 112 Tier 8 heavy tank, represent China's tenth medium tank and sixth heavy tank, respectively. Germany will also receive a heavy and medium tank, as well as a balancing adjustment to another medium tank. The Soviets will receive an entirely new line of medium tanks. Update 8.8 also includes and entirely new battle arena with an Autumn setting called Tundra.

Keep your eyes glued here for more announcements on the update, including release date and more details.

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