The Settlers Online Adds Epic Raids Content

| 8 Aug 2013 18:02
The Settlers Online Epic Raids

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have announced the fairy-tale themed Epic Raids update for The Settlers Online

In an attempt to help add more longevity to the game, Ubisoft and Blue Byte have revealed new content for their browser based strategy title The Settlers Online. The content, dubbed Epic Raids, will introduce a series of new adventures for players to explore, along with new enemies, magical resources and a slew of exclusive rewards only designed specifically for high level players.

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is a free to play, browser-based strategy game! Gather your resources, expand your mighty city, raise an unbeatable army, and conquer all the world. You may band together with loyal allies, reign alone and take all the glory for yourself, or anything in between. Your empire awaits.

According to Ubisoft, much of the Epic Raids content will be based on famous fairy tales. "The brave little tailor, a new NPC, will assign to players several quests which will guide them through the first epic adventure challenge," explained the publisher. "The first adventure can be found by an explorer or directly available in the shop." Completing this initial adventure will, in turn, unlock two more random Epic Raids quests. The new adventures will also introduce fantastical enemies like Unicorns, Greedy Inn-Keepers and Lying Goats.

The new resources added by the update will include Magic Beans and Beanstalks, both of which can be traded for items being added by the update. Players will also gain access to a new specialist character along with the opportunity to buy licenses for new buildings that can only be purchased with Magic Beanstalks. The new buildings include the Faery-tale castle, Magnificent Residence, Gold Tower. Level 50 players will also start earning Star Coins in lieu of experience points. Star Coins will serve as currency in a new section of the in-game store.

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