Drakensang Online Unveils Myrdosch Expansion

| 12 Aug 2013 20:38

Fans of Bigpoint's expansive fantasy MMORPG Drakensang Online can now enjoy slew of new content thanks to the recent release of the anticipated Myrdosch expansion. Playing host to a myriad of new additions including new levels, skills, quests, enemies and NPCs, the expansion should be more than enough to sate players hungry for more content.

The expansion itself centers on the titular land of Myrdosch, ruled by the Dwarves. Set against the backdrop of snowy, icy environments, players exploring these environments should find no lack of caves, dungeons and battlegrounds to explore and fight on. Players who "prove their worth and exude the requisite courage" can likewise try their luck exploring a massive mechanized stronghold, at the center of which they'll face the Destructor, a powerful enemy created by Evil Dwarves.

In addition to these new environments the Myrdosch expansion will add fresh abilities and talents for each class. Players will also find 150 additional items to test out, including more than a dozen class based items exclusive to the expansion. Myrdosch will also bring with it new drops, pets, an epic mount and other perks and items players can purchase. Veterans of the game will also discover that Drakensang's heroic dungeons have "been completely reworked," providing even more content for eager gamers to chew on. Fans interested in the full details of the Myrdosch expansion can check them out at Drakensang Online's official page.

Drakensang Online

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