Prepare for the End of World of Warcraft Season 13 PvP on August 27

| 13 Aug 2013 17:16
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World of Warcraft's PvP Season 13 is coming to a close on August 27. Blizzard preparing players for the end, as well as re-emphasizing the previously announced changes coming to Arenas.

As it does at the conclusion of every PvP season, Blizzard is reminding players not to do anything foolish in the next few weeks to ensure they get the proper Arena points and rewards they are due. Namely, don't transfer servers after the season ends. Conquest points will be converted to honor, which is still capped at 4,000. Players can expect a little influx of gold and silver depending on how many point above the limit they are.

Once the season ends, no more Season 13 items will be available for purchase. The awarding of titles and mounts will happen about two weeks after the season ends.

When September rolls around and Season 14 begins, players will find they no longer need teams to enter an Arena. Blizzard is changing team rating in favor of personal ratings, and players will go against other groups with similar averaged ratings of the participants. Matches will still be in groups of two, three, or five.

The change, which Blizzard explained in detail in early July, is tied to Patch 5.4. In case you missed it, the change will offer a few benefits for players, aside from the obvious one of playing with whoever you want. Cross-realm groups will be enabled, and the Arena ladder system will no longer be sorted by Battlegroup, but by region.

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