MechWarrior Online Officially Adds 12v12 Combat

| 13 Aug 2013 17:49
MechWarrior Online screen

It has been planned since E3, but the move to 12v12 mech combat in MechWarrior Online has officially arrived with the latest game update.

"The 12 vs. 12 gameplay changes combat dramatically," Piranha Games creative director Bryan Ekman said in a release. "Players now have a deep bench of options for a variety of strategies, more creative attacks and defense schemes and can alter their combat strategies in greater variety for each environment. This is true MechWarrior combat."

Combat was already pretty fast-paced an frenetic in the previous max 8v8 matches, so the addition of eight more mechs to the battlefield should be even more nerve-wracking.

The move was one of the main goals for the developer before it takes the game out of beta on September 17. Another addition in the update allows for double XP for the first win of the day.

To showcase the 12v12 capabilities, Piranha is bringing together 24 of the best mech pilots for a showdown on Thursday at 1 p.m. PT. YouTubers Total Biscuit and Angry Joe will be broadcasting the match on their respective YouTube channels.

If you missed it last week, the new Golden Boy hero mech was released into the wild, along with a new map called Terra Therma. You can check out the new mech in action in the video below. It's in Japanese, but mech pounding on mech is really a universal language.

MechWarrior Online

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