News Flash: League of Legends Has It Out for Satanists

| 13 Aug 2013 18:23
League of Legends Satan search

From the "what rocks do these people crawl out from under" department, a petition has emerged online accusing League of Legends developer Riot Games of censoring the word Satan from its popular MOBA.

League of Legends tends to filter out obscene words, but it also leaves other words with religious connotations alone, such as Jesus, Allah, God, and even some mythical Greek deities such as Zeus and Venus. However, typing in the word Satan gets you *****'d out.

The petition, brought by Texan Beau Guthrey as perhaps the self-appointed champion of Satanists everywhere, is asking Riot to allow the word. "Let Satanists and others who would like to freely use that name be given that ability. We who sign this petition just want to be treated equally," it says.

In the petition comments section, Guthrey said that he did what he was told by Riot support staff and created a forum post on the topic, but "I was told to 'kill myself' and to 'burn in hell you atheist pig' and then I was banned forever and the post was removed."

The petition has already received a "whopping" 100+ signatures, and Guthrey's "movement" has already been picked up by the official Church of Satan website.

I suspect Guthrey is going to have a devil of a time getting this approved. He may be battling his own personal demons, or just be overly baked in the Texas sun, which can be hotter than hell. But, either way, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. But he may be better off playing Diablo.

I'll stop now.

Source: Kotaku

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