Neverwinter Devs Start 24-Hour Marathon for Child's Play

| 13 Aug 2013 19:31
neverwinter fury of the feywild

Marathon gaming session are nothing new to MMO players, but this time, the developers of Neverwinter are doing it for charity.

So essentially, this is child's play -- for Child's Play.

The Neverwinter community team from developer Perfect World is hosting a 24-hour gaming session in their Dungeon & Dragons-based MMO and are livestreaming the event until 12:01 p.m. tomorrow. The team will be showing of the new Fury of the Feywild content on its preview server and will be hanging out with players or dropping into a few groups.

They plan on giving several prizes in the process, including Fury of the Feywild packs, Neverwinter promo chests (with a Valindra statue and more), gaming mice and keyboards, t-shirts and even a few D&D board games.

"If we make you laugh, think about donating to Child's Play. We've set up a donation campaign with Child's Play for this livestream, and you can donate here. Child's Play works to make hospital stays easier for sick kids, by providing them with games, toys, books and more fun stuff. Your donations can make a scary situation a little bit easier for a sick child," the community team said.

The event is already up and running, so head on over to check out the new content and maybe get lucky and press the virtual flesh with a member of the dev team.

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