Warcry Interview: Hao Han, Producer for Age of Wushu

| 14 Aug 2013 21:00
Mount Hua Scene 300

Age of Wushu Producer Hao Han hopes that, "our players will be able to solve their differences the Wuxia-way."

Age of Wushu or Age of Wulin in Europe has turned a few heads over the past few months. This sandbox MMO, sometimes compared to EVE Online because of its passive skill gain system and largesque meta-game, recently celebrated the NA/EU release of their first expansion - Legends of Mount Hua.

I recently got to sit down and ask a few questions of Hao Han, Project Lead at Snail Games for Age of Wushu. We asked him about EVE Online, castration, culture clashes, and what's in store for AoW players in the future.

Warcry.com: Age of Wushu has been called EVE Online with Kung Fu in that it is more of a sandbox with out-of-game meta-play than your traditional MMO. When developing new sand for the sandbox, what is the design process like?

Hao Han: Age of Wushu's philosophical pursuit is different from the Sci-Fi themed MMO. We incorporated traditional Chinese ideology of omnipotence and inclusion as well as the high level of detail we put into recreating the entire Ming Dynasty to ensure a maximized player experience. Our passion for Wuxia is what drives our development direction: we want players to feel they're experiencing part of history.

Warcry.com: Do you compare yourselves to EVE Online?

Hao Han: While both offer players a free roaming sandbox experience, we do not compare Age of Wushu with other games or themes. As mentioned prior, our core developmental concept is driven by our passion for presenting the philosophy of Wuxia culture and Chinese art forms. We've focused on most aspects, if not all, of the elements of martial arts as it is embedded in the history of East Asia.

Age of Wushu

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