Warcry Interview: Hao Han, Producer for Age of Wushu

| 14 Aug 2013 21:00
Age of Wushu spear 300

Warcry.com: One of the biggest questions I've seen on forums and smaller communities devoted to Age of Wushu has been about "keeping up" with Age of Wulin content. Many fans seem to be excited to see content in Age of Wushu that has been in Age of Wulin for quite some time. So, I guess the question here is, "Will there be a time where content for these two games will be release simultaneously?"

Hao Han: To clarify this common misunderstanding, Age of Wushu (US) is a newer version in terms of content with the launch of the Legends of Mount Hua expansion, while Age of Wulin (EU) is still in open beta stage. The answer is yes, we do have plans in motion for syncing the two with simultaneous content release.

Warcry.com: A couple of weeks ago, many of the MMO sites were sort of shocked at the quest that could possibly end with the castration of a player. Given that this event has very different cultural connotations between Chinese fans and American/European fans, were you worried that this quest would generate a controversy?

Hao Han: We do have concerns on the concept, but also acknowledge this being part of history. Whether it's in reality or fictional tales, there are always characters that resort to everything possible when it comes to achieving their goals. Having this concept implemented in game, we offer the power of choice and let the players decide their path.

Age of Wushu

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