Warcry Interview: Hao Han, Producer for Age of Wushu

| 14 Aug 2013 21:00

Warcry.com: As a social scientist by trade, demographics always interest me. Because you are so focused on Wuxia cinema, which often features very strong women in prominent roles, do you see a noticeable increase in the gender distribution of your playerbase?

Hao Han: The charm of female leads in Wuxia cinema combined with AoW's artistically rendered world has indeed captured the attention of many female and casual players alike. The diversified gameplay maintains a healthy flow of gender distribution. Female players usually take on the supportive role of musician and are distinctively more active on social occasions. We also see an increase whenever new fashion sets / lore items are released.

Warcry.com: One story about your players that I have been watching is the current events surrounding the GoonTangClan and the Vietnamese Guilds on the Blue Dragon server. How do you feel about the ethnicity-based conflict going on in Age of Wushu?

Hao Han: This is an example of how the real world impacts the virtual world with mutual influence. I feel the conflict here is a clear reflection of Jianghu, where all disputes and differences are meant to be solved by force (in our case, open world PvP). While it's not an isolated case since this form of dispute happens in other online games, we do hope our players will be able to solve their differences the Wuxia-way.

Age of Wushu

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